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Evolution Version 7.00

SDK Version

  • Ability to specify Ageing Terms for Clients and Vendors
  • Ability to Add and Save Cashbook batches via the SDK
  • Fixed error 'Session General Ledger Posting is out of Balance' when processing a Warehouse transfer via the SDK if the cost is specified
  • Defect for Lines added to job cards do not show exempt tax type if customer is set to tax exempt
  • Fixed GL Line Account not posting to the Purchases Cost Variance Account
  • Fixed Ledger Account Transactions report displays duplicate transactions for accounts created by the SDK
  • Ability to create GL Sub Accounts
  • Implemented GetSalesOrder() method to return list of Invoice Numbers
  • Fixed Purchase order processed in the SDK rounds the item value to 2 decimals even if cost price defaults is 4 decimals
  • Fixed Imbalance after posting a Sales Order and overriding the sales account
  • Fixed Error 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' when saving a Sales Order with a a GL line
  • Fixed Errors received after switching to strict serial number and there are duplicate serial numbers
  • Fixed Lot Item appearing more than once on sales orders for the same lot which reserves quantity incorrectly
  • Physical and postal Address do not appear on sales order when using VB
  • Document rounding not applied correctly on the SDK
  • FTransQtyAvailable in _btbljctxlines does not get updated when adding lines to a Job Card
  • SDK does not validate whether the transaction date falls outside the period set up
  • Allocations.Save and Allocations.Add Method not exposed in VB using com
  • Projects per line do not post to sales account for Sale Orders
  • Ability to set the tax amount values on the order details
  • Posting a purchase order with a units of measure item does not post correct amounts
  • RTS does not affect average cost if GRV is also done using the SDK
  • OrigDocID not populated with correct value for partially processed SDK Sales Order
  • Ability to save a Sales Order for a customer that is on hold
  • Unit Cost Price does not set on a job card
  • Fixed Insufficient quantity in WIP exception when processing a Payroll line reversal using the SDK
  • Cannot performing an increase adjustment operation on a serial number that is out of stock
  • Purchase Order ProcessStock method posts incorrect General Ledger values for units of measure items
  • List Archived method not available on Purchase Orders on version 7 SDK
  • Projects do not display when posting a inventory adjustment through the SDK using com interface
  • Fixed property allownegativestock is read only
  • Cost after doing a RTS on a UOM Item is incorrect
  • Implemented LinkedWarehouse function to check if Item is part of a warehouse
  • Project per line does not post to the account when using overridesalesaccount method on a SO
  • Fixed Saving prices on a new item does not save as price excl
  • Fixed ftaxrate in _btblinvoicelines that has decimals when processing orders
  • Fixed costs posting incorrectly through the sdk on a UOM Item
  • A RTS done through the SDK with additional costs debits and credits the stock control account
  • Functionality added to Checkout records opened through the sdk and to check records that are checked out in _btblbatchcheckout
  • Ability to process a credit note to a on-hold customer
  • fquantityinvoiced in postst and fqtylastprocessedur does not get updated when posting through the sdk
  • Cannot set the JobCard on an Incident through the COMHelper
  • Add the ability to specify sub accounts and allow journals when creating GL accounts with the SDK
  • Processed serial numbers are copied over to the partially processed Purchase Order
  • Tax Type of exempt postst with a rate of 14 percent
  • SDK sets the TaxTypeID incorrectly on PostST when splitting the GRV from the Supplier Invoice

SDK Version

  • Implemented the new General Ledger structure changes.
  • Implemented the new Inventory document posting changes.
  • Job Card for customer created with exempt tax, will now process all lines with exempt tax.
  • Additional Enumerations created for Incident Log Actions.
  • Post Dated Cheque transactions can now be processed via the Customer Transaction Class.
  • SDK generated Sales Orders will now post document rounding values the same as Evolution.