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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Name Default message text
Current message text
api-error-fileexists-forbidden (Talk) (Translate) A file with name "$1" already exists, and cannot be overwritten.
api-error-fileexists-shared-forbidden (Talk) (Translate) A file with name "$1" already exists in the shared file repository, and cannot be overwritten.
api-error-filename-tooshort (Talk) (Translate) The filename is too short.
api-error-filetype-banned (Talk) (Translate) This type of file is banned.
api-error-filetype-banned-type (Talk) (Translate) $1 {{PLURAL:$4|is not a permitted file type|are not permitted file types}}. Permitted {{PLURAL:$3|file type is|file types are}} $2.
api-error-filetype-missing (Talk) (Translate) The filename is missing an extension.
api-error-hookaborted (Talk) (Translate) The modification you tried to make was aborted by an extension.
api-error-http (Talk) (Translate) Internal error: Unable to connect to server.
api-error-illegal-filename (Talk) (Translate) The filename is not allowed.
api-error-internal-error (Talk) (Translate) Internal error: Something went wrong with processing your upload on the wiki.
api-error-invalid-file-key (Talk) (Translate) Internal error: File was not found in temporary storage.
api-error-missingparam (Talk) (Translate) Internal error: Missing parameters on request.
api-error-missingresult (Talk) (Translate) Internal error: Could not determine if the copy succeeded.
api-error-mustbeloggedin (Talk) (Translate) You must be logged in to upload files.
api-error-mustbeposted (Talk) (Translate) Internal error: Request requires HTTP POST.
api-error-noimageinfo (Talk) (Translate) The upload succeeded, but the server did not give us any information about the file.
api-error-nomodule (Talk) (Translate) Internal error: No upload module set.
api-error-ok-but-empty (Talk) (Translate) Internal error: No response from server.
api-error-overwrite (Talk) (Translate) Overwriting an existing file is not allowed.
api-error-publishfailed (Talk) (Translate) Internal error: Server failed to publish temporary file.
api-error-stashedfilenotfound (Talk) (Translate) The stashed file was not found when attempting to upload it from the stash.
api-error-stasherror (Talk) (Translate) There was an error while uploading the file to stash.
api-error-stashfailed (Talk) (Translate) Internal error: Server failed to store temporary file.
api-error-stashfilestorage (Talk) (Translate) There was an error while storing the file in the stash.
api-error-stashnosuchfilekey (Talk) (Translate) The file key you were attempting to access in the stash does not exist.
api-error-stashnotloggedin (Talk) (Translate) You must be logged in to save files in the upload stash.
api-error-stashpathinvalid (Talk) (Translate) The path at which the stashed file should have been found was invalid.
api-error-stashwrongowner (Talk) (Translate) The file you were attempting to access in the stash does not belong to you.
api-error-stashzerolength (Talk) (Translate) The server could not stash the file, because it had zero length.
api-error-timeout (Talk) (Translate) The server did not respond within the expected time.
api-error-unclassified (Talk) (Translate) An unknown error occurred.
api-error-unknown-code (Talk) (Translate) Unknown error: "$1".
api-error-unknown-error (Talk) (Translate) Internal error: Something went wrong when trying to upload your file.
api-error-unknown-warning (Talk) (Translate) Unknown warning: "$1".
api-error-unknownerror (Talk) (Translate) Unknown error: "$1".
api-error-uploaddisabled (Talk) (Translate) Uploading is disabled on this wiki.
api-error-verification-error (Talk) (Translate) This file might be corrupt, or have the wrong extension.
api-format-prettyprint-header (Talk) (Translate) This is the HTML representation of the $1 format. HTML is good for debugging, but is unsuitable for application use. Specify the <var>format</var> parameter to change the output format. To see the non-HTML representation of the $1 format, set <kbd>format=$2</kbd>. See the [[mw:API|complete documentation]], or the [[Special:ApiHelp/main|API help]] for more information.
api-format-title (Talk) (Translate) MediaWiki API result
api-help-examples (Talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|Example|Examples}}:
api-help-fallback-description (Talk) (Translate) $1
api-help-fallback-example (Talk) (Translate) $1
api-help-fallback-parameter (Talk) (Translate) $1
api-help-flag-deprecated (Talk) (Translate) This module is deprecated.
api-help-flag-generator (Talk) (Translate) This module can be used as a generator.
api-help-flag-internal (Talk) (Translate) <strong>This module is internal or unstable.</strong> Its operation may change without notice.
api-help-flag-mustbeposted (Talk) (Translate) This module only accepts POST requests.
api-help-flag-readrights (Talk) (Translate) This module requires read rights.
api-help-flag-writerights (Talk) (Translate) This module requires write rights.
api-help-flags (Talk) (Translate)  
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