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SDK Version EQ21413 - Fixed Sales Order quantity not updating correctly when converting a Sales Order Quote to a Sales Order Invoice.

EQ21336 - Fixed Error received when processing a Sales Order with a line note.

SDK Version EQ21067 – Validation added for ID Number, Tax Number and Registration Number

SDK Version EQ21003 - Rebuild table wrappers to cater for 50 character name length of supplier if selected on Job Card Line.

EQ21140 - Corrected the SDK to validate for 100% tax as Evolution application.

SDK Version EQ21093 - Sales Force Automation Functionality Added to change opportunity status and probability percentage on sales opportunity and to set the opportunity to be active.

SDK Version EQ21003 – Fixed error received when processing Sales Order with customer name more than 50 characters.

SDK Version Fixed document Invoice Totals and Rounding on Sales Order.

SDK Version EQ20819 – Added ability to specify the Foreign Debit, Foreign Credit and Exchange Rate on the GLTransaction class.

EQ17661 - Fix UDF values cannot be set in PHP (Any COM integration)

SDK Version

EQ20751 - Ability to switch between 'Use Item Pricing' and 'Use Warehouse Pricing' on a database set to use 'Cost per Item'.

EQ20762 – Added ability to save the prices for a new cost per warehouse item. EQ20742 – Fixed the SDK to populate all fields on the Sales Order (invnum table) as in Evolution.

SDK Version EQ20751 – Fixed items created by the SDK not to be flagged to use item pricing by default on a cost per warehouse database

EQ20732 - Added Last GRV Cost functionality to the SDK.

EQ16291 - Ability to specify Item Selling Price per Warehouse and save the price.

EQ18404 - Fix when splitting GRV from SINV the SDK posted the incorrect TaxTypeID in PostST.

EQ20713 - Added functionality to the Agent class to show Accessible Branches for a specific agent.

EQ17615 –Fixe for OrigDocID not populated with correct value for partially processed sales orders.

EQ20636 - cReference2 field not populating on posting tables from CRN and RTS.

EQ20624 - Unable to add lines to an existing cashbook batch via COM integration.

EQ20617 – Fix when opening an existing customer and saving, the postal and physical addresses are lost.

Added a secure Authentication method within the Agent class in order to prevent SQL Injection.

EQ20541 - GL Account Line on Purchase Order does not post the tax type.

EQ20532 - Omit blank spaces when generating a Customer Code and Automatic Numbering is set to true.

EQ20528 – Fixed error when processing PO with Split GRV and negative quantity specified.

EQ18632 - Updated Job Card Status to only select option Quote and Active, not Completed.

EQ20528 – Fixed error when processing PO with GRV split - 'Total Tax Amount cannot be greater than the Total Exclusive Amount'

SDK Version EQ20513 - Fix error when decrypting an empty Evolution password.

EQ15914 - Add GL Override functionality to both AR and AP standard transactions.

EQ13938 – Fix Item SellingPrice fields throws invalid cast exception.

EQ20277 - Ability to Link Sales Rep to an Agent

EQ20267- Fix Agent created with a SetPassword & Reminder, does not encrypt the Reminder field on the Agent.

EQ20014 – Fix error received when calling an existing PostGL transaction.

EQ19561 – Fix Calling the Branch default project per line value is not the same a Head Office.

EQ18639 – Fix GL Sub Accounts created in the SDK does not add a separator

EQ19984 – Fix should not allow to add lines to a completed Job Card

SDK Version

Added new field to PostAR & PostARTrans. This is a new field added for MB in order to distinguish between a standard transaction and an interest charging transaction.

Added functionality to JobDetail to be able to update UnitCostPrice on a Worker.

EQ19431 - GetWorker method added for COM.

EQ19287 – Fix Credit Note Sales Account not splitting when multiple projects are selected on the document line.

EQ19312 – Fix adding a Warehouse Lot Item on a job card gives a insufficient quantity available.

EQ18906 – Fix when lot expiry date is not set it's not allowing to process a lot transaction.

EQ18439 - iGLAccountID populating 0 instead of the stock control account ID

EQ18639 - Creating a GL sub account via the SDK - Missing master account parameters.

EQ18784 - Error saving an allocation when the transaction has a large amount of allocations present in cAllocs.

SDK Version EQ18631 - batch checkout functionality added.

EQ18383 – fixed fTaxRate rounding issue fTaxRate was manually being recalculated and never rounded up or down correctly

EQ18383 – Fix TaxRate has decimals when processing orders

EQ18358 – Fix Saving prices on a new item does not save as price exclusive.

EQ18331 – Added inventory item functionality LinkedWarehouse method to check if item is part of a warehouse.